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BJJ Belt

When I was elevated to purple belt back in January I figured I would purchase somewhat display for myself. I thought: wouldn’t it be cool to have a fantastic custom bjj belt that was weaved with my Meerkatsu logo and the kanji for jiu-jitsu? It would be a definitive in chic personalization. Not very noisy and reckless like a blinged up gi, however simply discrete sufficiently diverse to be seen just by the bird peered toward. So I requested one. Much to my dismay that understanding that belt in my grasp would have been an exhausting, disappointing and costly issue finishing with a belt that costs more than the priciest gi I’ve ever possessed…

Everything began honestly enough. A snappy sweep on the discussions and on google raised one organization that would make a particular BJJ belt, the right length, hand-fabricated and machine weaved with my particular plan prerequisites. Kataaro, over in the States, appeared like the best place to go.


The measure of decision on the Kataaro site for planning your own particular belt is really amazing. You can pick the length, shading, width, thickness of sewing, delicate quality level, with white labels or without, and all affectionately hand created. It is a BJJ nerd’s heaven.

The administration from Kataaro is great. After an email discourse about my own plan prerequisites (they hit me up rapidly each time), it took them a month to turn my demand around and deliver it off after conclusive endorsement. Furthermore, that was that, I expected it would require a long time to be conveyed, as most things sent from the US does and I didn’t get notification from anybody for more than 5 weeks.

To be completely forthright, I ought to have tailed it up sooner. When I remembered to check, Kataaro gave me the shipment following number and I tapped it into the US Postal Service site. The site educated me that the transporter in the UK (Royal Mail to you and me) had effectively attempted to convey my belt yet it was unsuccesful. Instantly, my doubts were stirred. Nobody conveyed anything to me.

I called Royal Mail, they were no assistance. I attempted Parcel Force, the sub-division of Royal Mail who handle divides for reasons unknown, are without any correspondence with Royal Mail. They revealed to me they had the bundle in their neighborhood stop yet as nobody had paid the traditions expense, they were going to transport it back to the US. NO! I cried, I’ll pay it, let me pay it!!

Alright, said the lady…but goodness hang they didn’t have it any longer. Evidently, on the morning of that extremely same day that I called them, the bundle had effectively left the UK – dispatched back to the US because of inability to pay traditions charge…didn’t I get their letter? They inquired.

I called Kataaro, they said they would sit tight for it to be returned and send it pull out to me. Five months after I initially requested the belt, it touched base back at Kataaro and we discussed how to deliver it pull out to me yet I needed to pay for delivery once more.

This time I was on the ball. I followed the package day by day and irritated Parcel Force with solicitations to track it down and influence me to give them the traditions receipt number so I could pay it and discharge it to be conveyed.

I at last got the belt 19 weeks after my underlying request, and what a fine monster as should be obvious. I overlooked too that I requested the plan to be weaved utilizing metallic silver string. Good lord it truly mirrors the light, I’m going to emerge more than I thought.

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