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Any special occasion celebrated amongst family and friends, includes a mandatory ritual that we never fail to follow, which is the cake cutting ceremony. The cake is one of the most important elements of any celebrations such as anniversaries, birthdays, promotions, etc. It is also a very delicious component of any party.  Cake symbolises the beginning of a new journey of the host and often is preceded with lighting a candle on the cake and making a wish.

Cake cutting is a tradition that has been followed by people all around the globe, over many years. It adds joy to the occasion and allows the person celebrating an important vent, feel very special and pampered. Parties are all about music, dance, food and games but they are generally incomplete without a cake. These days, the tradition is so common that it is practised in many countries. There are even options for online cake delivery for various events and gatherings.

Here are a few such occasions where cake cutting ceremony is practise:

  1. Cakes for birthdays.

A birthday cake is cut to celebrate a person’s new beginning after turning a year older and that emphasises his/her growth and development. The idea originated from ancient Greece, and is now used everywhere. A birthday without a cake is truly incomplete. People are also getting innovative ideas to replace a simple cake with personalised, uniquely shaped, designer cakes.

  1. Cakes for anniversaries.

A fun way to celebrate anniversaries is to by cutting a cake for the occasion. One could be celebrating any kind of anniversary which can be romantic, personal or professional. Wedding anniversaries, couple memories, completing specific target at your workplace over the years, are among the many examples.

  1. Cakes for wedding

Weddings are another event where cake-cutting is an age old tradition. The cakes for this event are usually multi layered, designed to look delicious, classy and feed more than a hundred guests. It could be designed around the theme of the wedding and could incorporate colours similar to the theme. Cakes for a wedding can also be cut just amidst family members after all the rituals and celebrations are over. In any way, cake-cutting would be a simple yet joyful task that the husband and wife indulge in.

  1. Cakes for other ceremonies.

Cakes do not always have to be restricted to traditional events such as birthdays or weddings. It could be cut and eaten for many occasions such as mother’s day, graduation ceremony, farewell, promotion at work, buying a new pet, new year celebration, Eid, Christmas, etc. Even if you are not with your loved one to celebrate their special moment, you could check online and use cake delivery Pakistan option to make sure you are part of their big day. You could choose from variety of shapes, sizes, and flavours such as chocolate, fruits, butterscotch, berries, etc. These days you can also customise them into many shapes such as castle, vehicle, dolls, etc.

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