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Christmas Cakes

The religious and ethnic festival to commemorate the birth of Christ, is nearing. Preparations are in full swing. Christmas is celebrated every year on the 25th of December. The annual celebration is not only a festival of the Christian community but also it is an amalgamation of people of different societal culture across the globe. The festival celebrated every year brings about a sense of conjointness in the hearts of people.

How the idea of Christmas cake came into being ?

Going back to history, when Christmas cake was first made, the recipe was very different from what we know today as a pastry cake. Christmas celebrations were made after a long day of fasting for twelve days. Basically to feed the hungry beings, on Christmas, a meat porridge was prepared, dense and with some pieces of dried fruits added in it. An entirely different preparation from the sweet cakes that we taste today. A simple preparation away from all sorts of luxurious fruit cakes or puddings, yet made delicious and special with the plums added to it.

A gradual transformation in the age old tradition :

Every person whether poor or rich made this kind of meaty porridge at their homes and shared the happiness together with their friends and family at midnight. Owing to the scarcity of the dried fruits and sugar plums were added instead. The inclusion of the former however imparted a special taste to the every day porridge. Apples and some other fruits carefully hand-plucked were chosen to dry and preserve for the Christmas feast. Thereafter with the onset of the eighteenth century, as sugar and dried fruits and  sweeteners became increasingly available, they were being used in larger quantities more often. Gradually the porridge making practice with lots of vegetables, meat, whole wheat, oatmeal and other staple ingredients were lessened. Instead sweeter ingredients substituted the place for the former. It is when the idea of using flour breadcrumbs milk and creams came into being. This way the traditional style of making Christmas porridge metamorphosed into a rich delicious pudding. Search for cakes delivery UK to get the perfect website that will help you reach you to your dear ones in the sweetest and the most surprising way.

 Puddings were wrapped up in a light cloth and boiled. The richer section of the society however had ovens at their homes, and they initially began baking the cake mixture – like today’s Christmas cake. Usually made on the day of ‘stir-up-sunday’ event, these cakes had a good shelf life. The sugar and sometimes the alcohol added acted as a preservative, that made the cake tastier over the time. Send cake online and deliver happiness, with the shortest expense of energy.

Conclusion :

 As ovens gained prominence in the middle class section of the society, baking a Christmas cake became easier in every home. Some had the best blend of pantry ingredients like dried fruits, exotic spices etc. where others had powered sugar, artificial sweeteners colours and flavours. Extensive marzipan frostings in some others gave the tinge of luxury.

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