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Street wear

Before the turn of the 90’s fashion took a new turn for the better. The days of a jumpsuit and flappy jeans were long gone. Time for a new trend and a new wave of industries pushing through their brand. 

There came Tommy Hilfiger and the rest that dictated what we wear and what was right for our dress sense. As it was usually the case of pioneer status, this company defined our taste in fashion and made everything we have ever known as fashion theirs. 

They had everything behind them, the financial backing, the power, the mix of every known designer in the industry to stake their claim tothe much-converted throne of“fashion icon”. 

What happened to the man on the on the street, how did he nurture his not so poignant idea? He started locally from his backyard to his neighbors, friends, school, malls and now mens streetwear is here and pulling much weight.

Wall Street and the rest of the corporate world are left bewildered when they see how artists, basketball stars, skaters, and surfers rep their street. They enjoy the flavor of having to wear something that defines your taste and is not centered on what others expect to see you wear. 

Before Shawn Stussy took the unknown brand to become a mega brand of individuality and originality, it had to go through a lot of stress in bringing different subcultures in the game. Today they are the pillar and post of everything the street is all about and more. 

Firstly, it started with the way skaters and surfers dress to do their gig and how it was blended to get to where it is now. The skating trend brought streetwear to the forefront of fashion before Hip pop and punk began to pick up. 

The Hip pop culture is instantly becoming the most favored subculture that has various hip pop artists took it a step further than what it was known for in the contemporary world. At that moment, creativity was born which led us into an era of punk. 

Today, the punk culture is breeding with forth more lovers of the act of producing something that is recognized locally.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the corporate world is too rigid to see the challenge that this new wave of fashion has impacted the world, they could have been sanctioned them to be worn in offices and corporate gatherings literally, that is me joking. 

Everywhere you go people represent themselves through the street. The clothes might look different, but it’s street. Japan, for example, owns a vast market for street clothes because of the famous Japanese brand of street clothing that infiltrated America. 

In Singapore as well, there is a connection of street clothing to the whole of the major city there. It has become a worldwide phenomenon that the corporate world is turning a blind eye to. They forget to realize that the future belongs to street.


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