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Indian Desserts list

Sweets play a very important role in our lives and are also a part of our rich culture. For many of us, a meal would be incomplete if it didn’t end with a dessert. Other than that, sweets also have other significance in our lives. We welcome good news into our lives by giving out sweets to our friends and family, success is celebrated with a box of sweets, when we bid goodbye we end them at a sweet note by having something sweet to have. Birthdays, marriages or festivals; be it any occasion sweets are a must. Basically we Indian associate happy occasions with something sweet.

And so in today’s article I am going to be listing out 5 Indian sweets and why they are famous for. If you are one with a sweet tooth, then you are absolutely going to love what is ahead:

  1. Rasgulla– We all have eaten rasgulla and we all know that one of it does no good. Unless we have eaten 3 or 4 of them, our heart just doesn’t seem content. This famous dessert is very popular in West Bengal. The appearance of the dish comes to be as round ball shaped dumplings soaked in sugary syrup and are always white in colour. You could check out the online videos to get rasgulla recipe.
  2. Chhenapoda– This is another famous Indian dessert that comes from the state of Orissa. The literal meaning of chhenapoda is roasted cheese. So, the appearance of this dish comes out to be on the brownish side because of the baking process. If one were to take a bite of this delicacy, then you are in for a treat of cashew nuts and raisins.
  3. Kheer– Kheeris basically a rice pudding that uses a lot of milk/ condensed milk and sugar. It uses all sorts of dry fruits for garnishing. This dessert is famous all over India and every state has their version of ‘kheer’. This dessert could be white and creamy because of the milk or in a soft yellow by the usage of kesar. This is one of the easiest desserts and a must try.
  4. Gajarkahalwa– Gajarkahalwa is yet another famous Indian sweet pudding that uses carrot as its main ingredient. It is very famous in North India. Because of the colour of the carrot, this dish appears to be reddish-orange in colour. It uses dry fruits such as pistachio, cashew nuts, almonds and raisins for garnishing. It may take long to prepare, but the method is very easy and one can easily prepare this at home.
  5. Mysore Pak– This sweet dish is a speciality from South India and is prepared out of ghee, gram flour and cardamom. The appearance may vary from light shades of yellow to dark brown because it is well roasted. It takes its name from Mysore, the place of its origination. You will find this sweet to be a part of all celebrations and ceremonies in South India.

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