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digital Marketing course in Delhi

Changes are inevitable and so is the case with advertisements. The business organization is spending lots of money on these ads. But the fact is that people are switching towards digital marketing instead of traditional marketing. According to research, it has been shown that the number of people who are using digital marketing is increasing day by day. Digital marketing is a technique which uses electronic mediums like mobile laptops, PCs etc. It is a very powerful mechanism to accomplish your task. The primary motive of these ads is to get some business from whatever they are investing in these ads. With digital marketing training institutes in delhi, you can get more valuable information about it.

Let us discuss the merits and demerits of the traditional and digital marketing. Few points are listed below

  • Reach:- Traditional methods of marketing do not have a large reach. Also, they have their impact on a specific location. But digital marketing has the very high reach to the people and they are in millions or billions. Also, you can go global as the internet is spread all over the world. Here we can see that it is more effective than traditional methods of marketing and used to fulfill your task.
  • Target audience:- Target audience are the people who are interested in your products and actually wants to buy it. Traditional marketing is not so effective to reach your targeted audience as you just randomly display your ads to people without knowing whether they are interested in it or not. But with digital marketing, you have great access to your targeted audiences. Let us understand it as an example. Suppose a laptop company puts its ad in a newspaper. Then the ad will reach to the people who are willing to buy a laptop and to the people who do want to buy it. But with digital marketing, if someone types laptops it means that he/she is interested to buy a laptop. So we can say that that we can reach to large targeted audiences with it.
  • Price:- The cost of ads in traditional marketing is very high but in digital marketing, it is very less. Get more valuable information from digital marketing courses in delhi.
  • User engagement: – If you see an ad in a newspaper or TV you cannot do anything at that instance of time. But with digital marketing, you can do some events like you can click on the website and see products or you can even place an order at that time. So the user engagement is very high in digital marketing.
  • Return on investment (ROI):- If you invest some money in an ad you expect that I will receive some business from it. This is called return on investment. The ROI is less in traditional marketing whereas it much more in digital marketing.

Summary:-  Doing business is not easy and you have to adapt yourself to the changing technologies. At present time the traditional methods of marketing are not so effective. So businessman is moving towards digital marketing to more returns on their investments. It is growing day by day and has great reach to targeted customers.

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