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Mobile phone as gift

We often purchase things for the person that is very close to our heart. It does not make a difference how much expensive gift you are going to purchase for your spouse or girlfriend, the thing that matters a lot is the gift that you have purchased with deep feelings and emotions for your lover. The care and the love matters that makes you think to buy something for the person whom you loved anything else. Everyone has their own taste of purchasing gifts such as few people like to have the ring, many of the people think that a chain would be better than anything else, some think that tops would be better and I think the cell phone is the best gift in the present world. Because it is the piece of technology that everyone wants to keep with them. So, let’s decide which phone you need to decide as the gift for your lover.

There are two phones that mighty Samsung on Tuesday has launched the Galaxy A8 & A8 plus, these two phones are their midrange A lineup. These contemporary cell phones are quite reasonable in price than its older versions; on the other hand the both of the gadgets are high-end siblings, am talking about the Galaxy S8 and Note 8. The newly announced phones have premium touches. Out of two, one has the outstanding dual camera on the front. Samsung collectively a 16-megapixel shooter alongside 8-megapixel front camera that let you capture bokeh-style photos from the front side. Moreover, it does not mean that phone has 16-megapixel front cameras.

According to the reports, it is the first time ever that Samsung has come up with dual front cameras. That means both of the front camera’s combines 16 megapixels that let a user taste the highly advanced photos capturing device and both the camera also work individually and capture photos individually. Both cameras can be operated at the same or different timings.

The phones also provide the display to the user from the S8 and Note 8 devices; it means a user will be able to get more screen and lack with the bezels. The A8 provides user 5.6-inches display, on the other hand, A8 plus have 6 inches display. Both of the phones are 1080*2220-pixel super AMOLED display—not as just crisp as the 2,960*1440-pixel resolution on the S8 and as well as Note 8, but it displays still full HD.

Both the phones not only have great view:

The new cell phone device also supports the NFC, that means Samsung Pay and on the other side Android Pay are highly compatible gadgets because it has got the IP68 rating, it is also dust and water proof. if you are purchasing one out of the two, it is up to you, because both of the phones are super cell phone gadgets. You can even protect your loved one through your phone by installing the cell phone app on your loved one phone and even out of two your choosing phone you can also install the cell phone spying software. Now, you can both can keep an eye on each other and make your relationship stronger.


Both the phones are the best you can choose both of them, one for your lover and the second one for yourself.


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