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Wear A Bra Anymore

This past year, I decided to stop wearing bras. And today, I’m proud to state that I seldom wear it anymore. I feel much better about myself and my clothes…

As usual, I do not judge anyone. I’m just talking about my experience and my feelings, everyone does what he wants!

Why I Stopped Wearing Bras

Stop wearing bras, that is a crazy idea! I confess never to have asked the question before falling on a video (which is unfortunately no longer available) a couple of months ago (years?). A youtube use told how and why she stopped wearing bras. When I saw it, it seemed obvious if you ask me: I must stop wearing bras. Except that in fact, it absolutely was a great deal more complicated. In the long run, it’s difficult to lose a practice, especially when it follows us for our 12/13 years.

Stopping the bras was done gradually. Personally, I wore it ALL THE TIME. Even working from home, I found a way to wear bras. I only removed them to sleep (and of course I have fallen asleep with, what horror, discomfort in every its splendor!).

I’ve a moderate chest (some say it is small but no, no, I maintain, it is well average 😛). I clearly do not need this concern that some women may have too big breasts never to wear bras. Nevertheless, I want to tell them that there are other alternatives, such as for example headbands and sports bras.

  1. If I wanted to stop wearing bras, it’s primarily for the sake of health. Studies and opinions diverge, but it seems that this is not really good for your body;
  2. For comfort. Indeed, it must certainly be said, it’s terribly uncomfortable to wear a bra. I don’t know if I never knew how to decide on them at my size or if I bought low-end (which I doubt), but they made me terribly bad. They itched, went up… In a nutshell, it had been an actual sore and I still can’t believe I had been bothered with that for so many years.
  3. To have more beautiful breasts. And yes! It appears that wearing bras plays a role in the famous toilet gloves which can be dreaded so much (or not). Personally, I believe it. Indeed, it’s like with the glasses, your body adjusts and fatigue more to get the job done, here your skin relaxes. Without a bra, my breasts will the theory is that be obliged to put up all alone!
  4. To save money. I spent a king’s ransom within my underwear, I bought constantly… Although I calmed down recently, it began to bore me to put just as much money in there.
  5. Especially since I actually do not require it in the end! And this really is an element of the minimalist approach that I try to set up a place in my wardrobe.
  6. And finally, I wanted to assume myself as I am and stop cheating with all these artifices.
  7. Women who have a big breast will enjoy a “soutien-gorge taille forte” which means “plus size bra” in Fench
  8. And then, there’s an argument that has been coming to me for some time: it is the excessive sexualization of the female breast  (whereas that of the man is not). The bras are especially there to check pretty, to put forward, to cultivate… And when we visit a nipple, Oahu is the drama. When we put too low necklines, we are cataloged. There’s something that bothers me about it. This is NOT exactly why I stopped wearing bras, but I still wish to emphasize it.

Nothing shocking is it ?!

How Did I Stop Wearing Bras?

The question might seem silly, but very honestly, it’s more difficult than it seems. All or most women feel the bra box. And it always surprises when a lady doesn’t wear it, we notice it. We are conditioned to wear bra and it is difficult to eliminate it. We must rise above the eyes of others, something that is not easy for the majority of us (especially for me). Especially since, as I told you, it has been noticed quickly…

  1. I started by swapping my bras for sports bras and headbands. The transition has been easier!
  2. Furthermore, I kept two bras without frames (the only ones I had) where I removed the whales. With some really large tops, I choose to wear, I’m more comfortable. Especially summer time, because winter months I’m wrapped under my sweaters so the question doesn’t arise specifically. However, in the summer time, with my little longshoremen, I’m not at all times in complete confidence.
  3. Although I suppose a lot more than before, I still have trouble with the effect “breadboard” which annoys me terribly and I really do not necessarily find very pretty. With some tops, I’m almost flat and I’m still watching others. And then I’m always hard enough with myself only at that level, although I largely calmed down… We will say that overall, I suppose, however, it still depends upon the times and my moods!
  4. Following a year, I don’t wear padded or underwired bras at all. From time to time, I decide for sports bras (which I almost abandoned) and sometimes a bra without frames, but it’s quite rare eventually.
  5. Moreover, in terms of sport is worried, I proceeded in stages. I tried to not wear anything at the very beginning of my step to go running and it really hurt me and so embarrassed. However, for quite a while, I wear more when I had to badminton or even when I run and I have zero pain. So, I wonder if it should not be some time to adjust to my chest. I guess she’s better now. On the other hand, again, I do not know if I will require care never to wear anything this summer in tank top…
  6. Listed here is a small clarification about not wearing a bra through the sport. Some say that it is no hassle, others if… I favor that you make your own personal opinion! Additionally, you will see in this information many “health” figures!

In short, I almost 100% no longer wear a bra. Probably the most difficult remains for me the eyes of others to whom it’s not at all times simple to confront me. And then an aesthetic aspect is and also to take into account. In the end, I saw my body in the mirror embellished with artifices for a long time and I need certainty to get accustomed to it naturally. It is certainly not less beautiful, however it differs and it’s challenging to remove these dirty habits.

The benefits of not wearing a bra are many. To start with, what comfort! As I told you earlier, I don’t understand how I did work with that many years. And then my chest wounds, it’s much firmer, so I’m very happy. The disadvantage is that with some ups, it’s more complicated. But here is the only black spot that I will get! And then, in the worst case, if you see an item of breast go over, could it be so serious?

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