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Vegetarian Dishes

If you are a foodie and you enjoy a nice non vegetarian meal, then the choices for you are plenty. There are various meat dishes that you can try out when you are a non-vegetarian. You can eat almost anything and everything that you want. You will particularly be spoilt for choices when it comes to ordering from outside.

When looking for non-vegetarian dishes you can always order from Londis of Peabody or similar such outlets if you are in search of a continental dishes. Chinese and Indian restaurants are available in plenty and hence you will be able to take your pick from any nice place in your locality. Well if you are a fan of non-vegetarian food, then here are some dishes that you should definitely order once:

  1. If you are fond of Indian dishes, then you should try out Chicken Bharta at least once. This is one of the most famous Indian Mughlai dishes which is best enjoyed with either a butter nun or a plain chapatti. The beauty of this dish is that is comes with shredded chicken in a rich gravy and hence just a few spoonfuls and both your stomach and taste buds are bound to be satisfied. If you are hoping for some good Mughlai food at home, then do order one plate of Chicken Bharta.
  2. When it comes to continental cuisine, if you are fond of cream and cheese then you have to try out some chicken stroganoff. This is best enjoyed with some bread along with a nice and crunchy desert. Do not forget to add a bowl of vegetables on the side in order to balance your meal. All in all one bowl of chicken stroganoff promises to be a sheer delight for all those who love continental food.
  3. If you are considering ordering in from a celebrated continental takeaway then you should definitely opt for londi’s famous roast beef. A little bit of the dry side, this dish will surely take your heart away if you enjoy nicely cooked meat. When you order make sure that you ask them to cook the beef medium rare in order to experience its taste at its best. Order a bowl of boiled vegetables too along with the roast beef. If you want you can end your meal with a nice glass of wine or a chocolate desert.
  4. Tending to go more towards Indian dishes? Well then you can always order a nice plate of fish curry at your home, if you love to have fishes. From prawn to hilsa to bekti, you should definitely try out some nice fish dishes, especially when near or in Bengal. Have it with some rice to get the best taste.
  5. Chicken, mutton or beef are always best had as kebabs. These are the perfect starters to a meal and since they are typically grilled and roasted, the oil and fat content in it is also low. Kebabs are best enjoyed with salads.

These are some of the meat dishes that you ought to enjoy when ordering in. Go and order one for you today!

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