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Osteoarthritis stems cell therapy

Osteoarthritis stem cell therapy India is not a difficult one these days. Osteoarthritis is the liberal joint wasting disease that makes primary effect on a soft tissue which is popularly known as cartilage. Middle age and elder people are more prone to this disorder.  It can create a bad effect on almost all body parts like hand joints, hips or spine. This is a progressive disorder and it becomes worse and unfortunately does not have a concrete solution to it. If a person may be active physically and if he can manage to maintain his weight then the treatment can really work.  Weight management is the important factor indeed.

  How widespread it is

This disease is popular type of arthritis. According to CDC studies, more than 26 million patients are having effect of this disorder, from which 13.9 % are adults (age above 25 years ) and around 33.9 % are senior people (age above 65 years). As per the information, taking into consideration sex and age of a person Hips OA, hand OA and Knee OA are most popular types of this disorder. This is more commonly seen in women than men in India. Women with this disorder may face a calcium deficiency.

Treatment for Osteoarthritis

 If you find yourselves affected by this disorder then you need to get the right treatment for yourselves. There are many good hospitals in India where you can get the best Osteoarthritis stems cell therapy India at the best rates. You will get treated by team of most qualified doctors. The doctors will first diagnose and see the intensity of your disorder and then they will give you the suitable treatment.

The factors that make a difference

There are some factors that affect the disorder such as weight, age, sex, genetic issues of the person etc. If your joints are overstressed because of some activities then you may be prone to this disorder. Pregnant women who have a calcium deficiency are more prone to this disease.

Symptoms linked with osteoarthritis

This is a joint problem and that can affect any of the joint in your body. Most commonly this is found in major joints like spine, knees etc. main symptoms of the disorder grow slowly but they worsen in timely manner. Following are the common symptoms

Joint pain at the time of movement

Joints stiffness is during or after any movement

Flexibility loss, joints are not moving smoothly.

Rough sensation when the joints are overused

 What can be done?

If you have this disorder then you need to maintain your weight and make sure you are not being overweight. Controlling your weight can help in the real sense. You also need to improve function of joints by doing some light exercises. You can also do Yoga and have a balanced diet. You also need to take enough rest and relax. In addition you can take some medication recommended by doctors in order to cure the disorder.

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