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Palazzo Pants

Preparing for summer? Dreading the heat and not sure how to beat it and wondering what to wear so that you don’t feel too hot? Palazzo is your rescue ranger, like no other. They are stylish, chic and supremely comfortable. The number of types of palazzo to emerge ever since needs a pat on the designers’ backs, maybe this is what smart dressing is all about? One piece of fashion clothing that is addictive and you can never get enough of. So, here we will discuss everything there is to know about palazzo. Keep reading to understand different types of palazzo and go over some styling ideas this summer.

 Types of s:

  1. Straight Cut Pants-:

You should have got it by now, leggings is old news.  Wearing designer kurtis has just gotten twice as hep. The straight cut palazzos are pretty self-explanatory and will be a perfect match with both short and long kurtis. You’ve got to get basic plain palazzo pants as a beginner since they go with absolutely anything. It is also a safe bet for everyone who is apprehensive about palazzos not suiting them. There’s isn’t too much flare, yet it is comfortable so get one of these, if you haven’t already.

Goes with – Long and Short Kurtis.

  1. Flared Palazzo Pants-:

A flared palazzo makes for a flamboyant and flouncy affair. One piece of outfit that goes with anything and everything in the literal sense. For an ethnic look, pair it up with a long kurti, preferably printed – assuming the bottom is plain. It looks just as stylish and chic to wear it to work or a Sunday flea market shopping with a contrast plain T-shirt. Or, go with a tank top which works best for summers.

 Goes With – A tank top, plain T-shirts, crop top.

  1. Layered Pants-:

 Here’s something new you’ve got to try. A pair of layered pants that are snappy and uptown all by themselves. If messy bun and casual chic define you, then I’m excited for you as  you found your wardrobe staple. The advantage with these classy  pants is that you can always dress up or down depending on where you’re going. Imagine this – Wearing  it with a mica printed short sleeveless kurta, just eye-makeup, pom-pom necklace or sandals or both for making your work day exciting? Just a few ideas, amongst a million others.

 Goes With – Full Sleeves T-Shirt, Halter Neck Or Printed Tunics, Short Kurti

  1. Trousers Pants-:

Stuck with your old school, interview pants? Don’t! Because our much-needed revival is here. The palazzo trousers are professional, comfortable, stylish,  classy  and everything else pants should be. Plus who says office wear needs to be boring. Color block them with a formal shirt. Even a flowy georgette or a chiffon top with ruffles will look just as good.

Goes With – Formal Shirts, Satin, Chiffon Or Georgette Tops.

  1. Palazzo Tie-Ups-:

Palazzo skirts – anyone? Strike that – ‘Palazzo Tie-Ups,’ it is. A skirt from the front and a divided pair of trousers at the rear, a classy statement both ways. This look is pretty effortless – a simple plain T-shirt, or a kurti – preferably anything short, that stops at the waist will do. Perfect for ethnic days at work, a day out with friends or a house party.

Goes With – Short Kurtis & Plain T-Shirt


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