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matar paneer recipe

Paneer is a vegetarian’s heaven, a food which can suit any dish. Paneer is a Persian word. The soft, white chunks which melt in your mouth can melt any non-vegetarians heart too. The colour ranges from bright white to cream coloured. They are usually prepared or bought fresh from the market. They can be included in kebabs and curries both. They are a people’s favourite in India, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. It is basically a type of cheese, unsalted and fresh made usually by the milk of the buffalo. The buffalo milk is preferred due to its high fat content, although nowadays cow’s milk is also used to make paneer. Sometimes the goat’s milk is also used to make paneer. In India it is one of the commonest items in the north Indian kitchen. It is an expert in absorbing flavours and aromas. Due to its milk and milk taste it fits perfectly with even the hottest of curries.

People often are confused between its lookalike tofu. Tofu is common in. tofu is made by coagulating the milk of soya (a kind of bean). Thus tofu is a plant product while paneer is a dairy product. Tofu has originated in China, paneer is originated in India. Tofu has a lower fat content than paneer.

If the store bought paneer is rubbery, one can soak it in warm water and let it relax. The warm water will take away its elasticity and make it soft and supple. It is often called India’s cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is a bit different than paneer as it often contains heavy cream and is salted, while paneer is purely unsalted. To make paneer at home one can use yogurt, vinegar or few drops of lemon juice. By adding them to milk, the milk gets curdled and then after sometimes the adding corn flour to the home made paneer prevents it from breaking. The common items of the Indian kitchen include matar paneer, paneer butter masala, kadhai paneer and paneer kathi roll. So get yourself a matar paneer recipe in Hindi or the language you are comfortable in and cook some magic.

A diet which includes paneer is quite inexpensive and healthy at the same time. It can be inculcated in a ketogenic diet as it contains negligible amount of carbohydrate and a healthy amount of protein. It is rich in vitamin A and B. It is rich in protein and has mild amount of fat. A diet with paneer can help women achieve continued loss of fat and at the same time promote gain of lean muscle. It is also good for our bones as it contains a load of calcium. Calcium keeps our tooth healthy. It can prevent osteoporosis. Prostate cancer is the type of cancer which can be prevented by having enough calcium in our diet. Lethargic and lazy children are often recommended some freshly homemade and tasty dishes of paneer to give them a dose of energy. Eating dairy products like paneer also prevents high blood sugar.

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