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New Year Bash with great taste buds

There are many people that are easily stressed out on the New Year’s Eve not because of what they have to wear or how they have to celebrate but by the confusing thoughts as to what should be there on the menu for the gathering. So for those having the hard time guessing about the list, here are some of the famous and favourite food items that are generally liked by all-

  • Murghmalai kebabs-The great way to kick off the festivities and bring joy to the upcoming year is preparing the boneless chicken skewers, marinating the night before and serving them with a glass of wine is what is meant for a party. One can cook them well in advance on the day and simply reheat in the microwave at night and serve it hot with sauce.
  • Tandoori tikka- Having a number of finger foods on the menu list must not get away without adding tandoori tikka on it. It is the best tangy and spicy, crispy item which is best served hot with a variety of sauces and chutneys. They are easy to be prepared dish and is liked by all.
  • Chilli potato recipeThe Sichuan Chilli Potato Recipe is a combination of both sweet and tangy whereas spicy potatoes dish that is simple, delicious and easy to make. It is a great appetizer for any party. The best part of this recipe is that they get made in a jiffy if one is having some boiled potatoes in their kitchen. An addition of the sesame seed, gives the crunchy texture where the garlic,ginger and Sichuan sauces adds the required kick for this sweet potato.
  • Chicken Biryani-For the non-vegetarian lovers, the party is said to be incomplete without any addition of an item on their list. Hence, biryani can do the needful. It is the best served main course item which is loved by all. Though it is a bit spicy and a mixture of rice and boneless chicken it is best for the party purpose.
  • Cakes and cookies-One cannot start the New Year’s Eve without a cake. The cakes are the pride of every party. Thus, there are a variety of cakes that can be baked at home with some steps and ingredients from the kitchen.
  • Desserts-It is seen that the best time to enjoy the ice-creams and kulfi’s is the winter season. People love to have the kulfi sticks and ice-creams during the eve at the end of the party to bring sweetness to their coming year.

Thus, whenever planning for a party it is essential to browse on the top 10 party recipes for New Year 2018 so that some of the marvellous and lip-smacking dishes are there on the list making it a wonderful gettogether. It is believed that the New Year eve should be celebrated with happiness and the new day must be welcomed with great joy so that the whole year is a blessing for all. Enjoy the foodie moments with your family and friends.

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