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Muslim women have their own style of dressing. Abayas, burkhas, headscarves are a part of their daily wear. However it is not Muslim women alone who wear attires like this. There are many others who have taken to wearing attires like this, who are not of this faith, for the sheer pleasure of wearing such dresses. Thus a woman’s faith does not always determine which kind of dress she wants to wear or will wear.

The unique feature of muslim women’s attire

What strikes one is the modesty with which muslim women carry off what they wear. The choice for muslim clothing for women is steeped in modesty where women believe that rather than showing off, carrying off oneself in style and dignity is what matters. In fact this is the fashion mantra for all the fashionable people that you see around you have. It is important to know what suits you and redefine how the world looks at you. Traditional muslim women attire, like attires of many religion have a history behind it, which is not to be ignored but respected and assimilated into the modern day world.

Striking the balance between modesty and modernity

Modernity and modesty do not have to be at loggerheads with each other. They can complement each other perfectly, which is so perfectly displayed through muslim clothing for women. There are so many things that this style of dressing has incorporated over the years which helps it to survive even to this day. Any tradition that does not walk along with the passage of time is bound to get lost and that speaks volume about the way muslim women dress.

There are a number of ways through which you can ensure a perfect blend between modernity and modesty when it comes to dressing with typical muslim attires. Take the abaya for example. Where do you think maxi dresses where inspired from? They are long and flowing, much like abayas and hence you can wear your abaya like that too! You can style it up with a fashionable belt or even better a glittering broach. Do not forget to put your high heels on, since they are a must for abayas and long tunics. These look really lovely when paired with the right kind of makeup, giving you the ultimate diva look.

Headscarves are another thing that you can experiment with. These come with various designs that are not only lively and bright, but they can make a real impression. During the winters you can pair a long coat and boots with headscarves which is no doubt one of the best possible combinations when it comes to muslim women wear. You can also try out headscarves and abayas together. Just make sure that the headscarf is of a contrasting colour so as to create a bright and beautiful look. You can go for printed headscarves, particularly polka dots if they go well with your face.

There are a lot of ways to dress with modesty. Muslim wear for women epitomises modesty and dignity and truly makes you feel fashionable.

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