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Rose Day

Fever of Valentine starts to engage the people of all ages and everyone waits for this special day eagerly. This doesn’t come alone, instead it arrives with many other special dates. The week of Valentine starts from 7th February and ends on 14th February every year.

The first day is the rose day and it is not the one which is only made for lovebirds but you may also give rose day gifts to your friends, relatives, etc. Different colours are mixed with various emotions, so choose the colour wisely.

Red roses for love, sincerity, and respect

If you are in love and want to express your emotions, make the arrangement of red rose as a bouquet.

Pink roses for gentility and grace

If you feel that your special one is cute and gentle, then why not send the pink roses as the best valentine gift to that someone?

It conveys the emotions like grace, admiration, gratitude as well as joy. If you really like anyone, gift them the pink roses.

Yellow roses for joy and friendship

Friendship is something that can never be expressed in words and yellow roses convey the same in the most charming manner.

These are known for warm feelings that are entirely based on the strong relationship.

White roses for love, spirituality, and purity

If you want to convey the feelings of innocence, purity, and truth, go for the white roses for your special one.

This conveys the beginning of new life and this is the reason why brides take white flowers with them to a Catholic wedding.

Lavender roses if you fell in love at first sight

These roses are special and extraordinary that signify beautiful gesture of love at first sight.

So now that you know the meaning of colours, let’s take a look at some of the ideas for the celebration of the rose day.

Buy a rose bouquet that is of heart shaped

It is easy to win the heart of someone who you love by gifting a lovely rose bouquet as the Online valentine gift.

Make the day priceless by gifting golden rose

You know that your love is priceless, so why not show it to her? Gift a golden rose to your love to realize the true worth of your relationship.

Give her a sound sleep with rose shaped cushion

Everybody loves to sleep in peace and cushion play an essential role for the same. You only need to select the cushion that is soft with the best design that will also offer the best sleep to your partner.

Pamper your love with goodies gift hamper or basket

If you would like to include something interesting in rose day gifts, it is better to offer a goodies bag or the basket that consists of personal care products, chocolates and other stiffs for your beloved.

Either by the gifts or flowers for a rose day or the beautiful gift hampers.

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